Our history

Relais Mevigo is deeply rooted in a family and in its long lasting relationship with the territory. This relationship is almost a century long, it crosses three different generations and a lot of paths originated in this territory, namely the heart of Romagna.

Relais Mevigo is the result of a family project, of the desire not to lose family roots, and to value a gift which was left with heart and soul by the grandfather, Amedeo, the head of household, and his wife Virginia, a strong woman who always stood on his side.

The grandparents married in 1938 and, after the union of their lands, they developed a passion for agriculture. The impressively forward-thinking attitude of Amedeo led him to believe in a wider project, so he graduated (already adult) at the School of Agriculture of the University of Bologna in 1941, when he led the family business towards a growth and a continuous development between the 1940s and the 1970s.

Meanwhile, the family also got bigger and bigger. Amedeo and Virginia, deeply united, carried on their life project with dedication and sacrifice, and their seven children grew, breathing the clean air of the countryside, but free to follow their passions.

In spite of the fact that only Raimondo, the youngest of the seven children, decided to work in the family business, carrying on the gift received from the father, the other six also maintained their interest and devotion to the company and to the territory, always participating in every choice of investment and change.

In more recent times, with the same forward-thinking attitude of the father, he decided to provide a fresh boost to the company by diversifying usual farm’s activities, and he invested in the production of photovoltaic energy and in on-farm tourism, thus giving a new life to ancient and disused farm-houses.

The first agriturismi (farm B&Bs) were born in that period, in Riolo Terme – named Cherubino, Chiesuola and Salvarelle – and, afterwards, the Relais Mevigo project in Casola Valsenio. The latter is located in one of the last lands acquired by the company, named “il Poggiolo”, whose acquisition dates back to the initial 90s.

The deep and intense relationship that links this family with this lands, the desire not to lose the meaning of the enormous efforts which have been made in all those years, the value of the roots transmitted to the third generation are the foundations of Relais Mevigo project.

The twelve nephews of Amedeo, despite having very different lives in terms of jobs and interests, somehow find their meeting point here, on this fascinating hills, feeling the same responsibility and luck of receiving such a precious gift.

Some of them decided to actively take part in the project, dedicating their time and professionality in order to ensure continuity, so that a piece of the territory and family’s history is not lost, looking at the future, searching new perspectives.

Relais Mevigo is a magical place, not only for the surrounding landscapes, for the wise restructuring performed, but it is something more: it is the result of a project that starts from something far, something precious, and aims to go in the same direction.