Renovation project

Relais Mevigo introduces to a fascinating combination between landscape and architecture.
Landscape in its twofold sense: the forested and savage one, and the one created by men with traditional cultivations.

Architecture, also in a twofold sense: the ancient one, restored with great sensibility (great respect for materials from the past, such as stone, wood, terracotta) and the modern one, through the wise use of crystal, steel and ceramic.

Photo of Relais Mevigo before the renovation

The progressive sequence of the buildings, which form an unpredictable sub-village (“Borghetto”), also follow a precise and easily perceivable temporal articulation: coming from the valley, the first house on the left immediately denotes an appreciable century-old dignity.

Then, proceeding, the other buildings, demonstrating evident residential use since always, have been actualized through a wise restructuring process, which left behind the essential poverty of the origins and, thanks to careful and innovative measures, allowed the apartments to enjoy an extremely relaxing privacy.

Photo of Relais Mevigo after the renovation

Continuing to the heart of the Borghetto, a large structure appears: it was originally an open barn, which has been skilfully transformed in a warm restaurant, surrounded by bright large windows; finally, it is possible to reach a sunny green terrace, with panoramic view on the hills, under which two comfortable apartments for disable people have been created.

Eventually, it is impossible not to mention the presence of two pools, the biggest of which is immersed in a relaxing scenery of olive trees.