Nature & culture

Relais Mevigo is the result of the restructuring of various buildings, which belong to different periods and document the rural life from the past.
It is situated on the top of a hill, with a stunning panoramic view. Besides being marvellous, such location is also strategic, since it is very close to some of the best destinations of the area.

Indeed, in a few minutes, it is possible to reach:

  • Giardino delle Erbe Officinali, very well maintained centre of production and sale of plants, seeds and flower essences, usable for cooking and for natural treatments
  • Abbazia di Valsenio, recently restructured, dating back to the X century, and deriving from Benedictine monastic settlements
  • Casa di Alfredo Oriani, showing its proudly Medieval look, where the popular writer spent his life (1852-1906); the house, recently restructured, was transformed in a very interesting museum
  • Monte Battaglia: this magic place preserves the remains of an ancient fortress, which arises on top of a wide forest, and offers a memorable view of Romagna until the Prealps; since almost a thousand years, it was the theatre of multiple wars and battles, until a bloody clash at the end of the Second World War.

Very few kilometres away from the Relais, it is possible to visit the town of Riolo Terme, which hosts in its centre the fortress of Caterina Sforza (1463-1509), lady of Imola and Forlì and mother of the popular commander Giovanni de’ Medici (“dalle Bande Nere”). The town also offers a fully equipped and popular spa & wellness centre, very close to the town walls and surrounded by a large and ancient park.

In the same area, it is possible to discover the panoramic itinerary of the Cycling World Championships 2020, very appreciated from the cycling enthusiasts.

Thirty minutes away by car, you can explore the fascinating city of Faenza, which hosts the popular International Ceramics Museum, where the most valuable ceramics’ collections of any periods and countries are stored.

In less than 1 hour by car, it is possible to reach Ravenna, which holds the Unesco leadership with as much as 8 monuments, full of precious mosaics, and, after ten minutes, the sea waves of the Adriatic Sea will appear.

Eventually, if you want to go a little bit further and visit the magnificent city of Florence, the “cradle of the Renaissance”, you will have to cross the former main road n. 306 of Alta Valle del Senio, through the hilly Appennino Tosco-Emiliano, diving in timeless scenarios.

Nevertheless, even without moving from Relais Mevigo, it will be enough to look from the window to admire the colourful peaks and walls of the Vena del Gesso Romagnola, rare geological formation which dates back to more than 5 million years ago. This rocky height constitutes a unique “Natural Monument”, where Geology, Biodiversity and History are melted together, donating unbelievable scenarios to the ones that decide to proceed along its paths. If you do so, you will verify that, since ancient times, the men would attend these rugged and beautiful places for shelter, religion and burial, in addition to gypsum mining, which was used for construction of buildings and by the Romans to create windows. Pushing your sight to the horizon, it is possible to embrace infinite spaces on hills and plains until the sea.

The street which leads to Relais Mevigo offers a complete vision on different aspects of the landscapes of Romagna, spanning from the vineyards and orchards (and relative products appreciated worldwide) to the savage areas, while the youngsters can spend joyful and fun moments using the facilities (e.g. swings) of the Relais.